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Namaste India Dahi

Pack Size:
Poly Pack:150 gm
Cup:90 gm, 200 gm

Pasteurized Toned Milk and Lactic culture

Shelf Life:
Poly Pack: 5 days from date of packing
Cup: 10 days from date of packing

Namaste India Dahi is Good quality Dahi Pleasant ,delicious, with a rich and creamy texture, uniform without showing any sign of visible foreign matter, homogeneous uniform creamy white in colour consistent and natural, with no preservatives. Namaste India Dahi is made from pasteurized Toned milk which contains 3.5 % milk fat and 11 % milk SNF. Not only does it taste great, it also aids digestion by maintaining balanced micro-flora in the intestine and suppressing the growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria.

Instructions for use
Store in refregerator,take out the required quantity to be cooked from the pack and keep it in lukewarm waater for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Once removed , do not refreeze.

Storage condition
Under Refrigeration (Below 8°C)

Product Application
Direct consumption Making of Lassee, Dahi wada, Dahi Batata Puri, Dahi Rice , Dahi Idli, Dahi Raita and kadhi. To marinate veg. and non- veg. dishes

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