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Namaste India Dairy Whitener

Pack Size:
1 kg Pouch/R.T.,500 g Pouch/R.T. R.s.10 and R.s.5 Pack

Partly Skimmed Milk Powder and Sugar.

Shelf Life:
Best before 9 months of packaging.

The Product is prepared by spray drying of cow milk,buffalo milk or mixture thereof. The milk may be modifid  by partial removal/substitution of milk solids(non-fat) with carbohydrates such as sucrose,dextrose or dextrine. The product shall be white or light creame in colour, uniform in composition and free from lumps except those that break up readily under slight pressure and shall be reasonably free from scorched particles.
Hygienic Conditions
The material shall be manufactured and packed under hygienic conditions as per IS: 2491

Instructions for use
For a glass (180 ml) of sweetened milk,add 3 heaped tablespoons (28g) of Namaste India Dairy Whitener to a glass (160ml) 0f lukewarm water and stir.
Note: Do not add directly to boiling water.

Ideal for
Ideal for making tea,coffee,milk beverages,break fast cereals,ice-creame and sweets.

Product Features
- Namaste India is a premium Dairy Whitener from the house of ……………is the favourite choice of all tea and coffee lovers across in india.
- It has the highest milk fatcontent among all the Dairy Whitener brands in india that makes it the creamist Dairy Whitener.
- It is available in attractive packaging ,wide range of pack sizes and at affordable prices.
- Rich taste
- Consistently fine texture
- No lumping
- Easy dissolvability
dairy whitener namaste india

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